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DARK BISQUE CONCEALER – Revival Blossom Cosmetics



This foundation goes on silky and stays on all day giving you a smooth, flawless complexion.

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This dark bisque concealer is specially formulated for our darker customers. Remember when choosing a concealer you should always try and go a shade or two lighter then your foundation.

Pictured clockwise: Bisque Concealer, Light Bisque, Dark Bisque.

Ingredients:mica,titanium dioxide, kaolin clay,iron oxide, zinc oxide
10 gram jar. Are jars are filled by volume and not weight. We pack are jars to the top. All jars have sealed sifters and shrink wrapped exteriors.
5 gram jar holds approx 3/4 teaspoon and weights 2 grams
10 gram jar holds approx 2 teaspoon and weighs 4 grams

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5 gram, 10 gram

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