Works wonders on just about all tones.


Multi tasking product! Works wonders on just about all tones. Apply to eyes and/or orbital area with a concealer or a fluffy brush to

instantly brighten & liven up your eye area, cancel out darkness, redness! Can be worn alone, mixed with concealer or to adjust the

tone of foundation. Appearance in the bag/jar is deceiving & a little goes an amazingly long way. Indispensable for your makeup bag!

Applications Instructions: Bright Eyed Multi Purpose Loose Mineral Powder

Recommended tools: Concealer , eye shadow or foundation brush, sponge

Multi use products! Can be used alone or with Bisque to adjust the tone of your foundation and/or concealer. Corrects redness, dark areas Instant eye brightener concealer

This product is VERY concentrated & appearance in the bag/jar is deceiving.

Tap out a very small amount (less than 1/2 a pea if you ‘see’ yellow on the skin to much has been used) on flat surface or into a small

dish. (May be used alone for maximum correction or blended with a small amount of Bisque concealer or foundation) Firmly swirl your

brush into the powder/s. Tap off all excess. lightly sweep the product onto the eyelids & orbital area, concentrating on areas of

redness and/or darkness. Apply to any areas that need brightening , area of redness or sun damage.

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5 gram, 10 gram

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